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Hi, loves!   I wanted to show you guys a few messy braids this week, but alas, I was going through an epic bad hair day, caused by a no-heat curl (read; no-heat afro)  method.   As you can imagine, my hair was not up for a down-do style.   Thankfully,  today’s hairstyle is perfect for bad hair days.

Cute everyday hairstyles for school prom | Braid hair tutorial

Here is a totally glam, big Dutch braid into an infused-stacked Fishtail braid.   Thick, side braids are so popular with teenagers and moms this year, you guys  totally need to give this combo braid a try.

My photos didn’t capture how cute this messy braid really is, it looks different in person!

  For one, the 3-D fishtail looks more like a gigantic braid in the pictures, which isn’t the case in person.  It’s more like a smaller Fishtail braid on top of a bigger one.  I’m sure you’ve seen this side fishtail braid all over Instagram and Pinterest already.

Well, I’m going to show you, how to do that double fishtail braid “easily” on yourself!  We’re not using the bobby pin method!  Watch the video tutorial below.

How to do a big Dutch braid & Fishtail on yourself | Cute Hairstyles

How to do a big, Dutch braid into a stacked fishtail braid on yourself


Written Instructions  & Hair Tutorial Video ( bottom of this page)

TIME: 15 minutes || OCCASIONS: Everyday, prom, wedding, school, work, second day hairstyle || FOR: Medium, Long Hair Length || Layered, Curly, Straight, Wavy Texture

  1. Make a side part and start a 3-strand Dutch braid.  Dutch braiding is where you take the side strands under the middle strand.
  2. Continue Dutch braiding your hair down.
  3. When you reach your ear, gather all of your hair to do 1 more Dutch braid.
  4. Split your hair into  2 sections to start a Fishtail Braid.  This is very hard to explain with just words and I know I’m going to confuse you so be sure to watch the video below.  But basically, to do a Stacked Side fishtail Braid on your own hair, instead of crossing over 1 strand (like in a normal fishtail braid), we’re crossing 2 strands to the opposite section.  One, OVER  and one, UNDER.
  5. Tie your hair with an elastic band.
  6. To create a bigger, thicker braid, tug on the sides to expand it.  Keep the top fishtail braid smaller than the one in the back.


If the tutorial video doesn’t play, watch it on my YouTube channel by clicking,  Big Dutch Fishtail Braid .

Thanks for  visiting me here on my blog!  See you next week!  x Tina

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