3 Big Headband Braids | Everyday Hairstyles

Hi, my loves!  I’m back finally and I’m so sorry I went missing for a little while.. I’ll tell you guys the gory details at the bottom of this post…  Just a warning though, it’s a not a cute story!  But first,

how to 3 quick and easy headband braids - everyday half-updo hairstyles

I know how much you guys like these quick and easy headband braids, so this week, I’m going to show you how to create 3  braided headband hairstyles with big Dutch braids!

My tutorials are super beginner friendly so be sure to try these out yourself.

Watch the hair tutorial video to learn how to do 2 unique double headband braids and a faux waterfall Dutch headband braid hairstyle with curls.  


If the video doesn’t play, watch it on my YouTube channel by clicking, Easy Headband Braids.

 I’m using a new curling iron set here from HSI Professional, watch the video for my reaction.


My  hair extensions:
Color Ombre 4/18
180 gram, 20″

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HSI Professional 1″ 

Argan oil & Heat protectant

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SexyHair Dry Wax 

Redken Fashion Works12 Hairspray 

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Have you seen this previous headband braid hair tutorial?

3 Easy headband braids - hairstyles

So, where the heck have I been;  don’t read below if you’re eating or about to eat.

To make the long story short,  I saw some strange documentary on YouTube about parasite worms and thought I would do a detox,  because y’know,  “just in case.”   Apparently, if you’ve ever walked bare footed outside or  touched a pet (dogs/cats) you have parasite worms you aren’t aware of.   And most of us don’t have any symptoms ….

So after researching this extensively,  I started taking the recommended dosage of the Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex (everyone recommended this one!) with Colon cleanse supplements to detox my system of possible parasites.


 Initially, I felt wonderful.  My mind felt crystal clear, my stomach was shrinking and I had so much energy.   However,  by the 3rd day, the headaches set in (more like migraines), and by the 5th, I was seriously nauseous.  Sixth day came and I was throwing up and I had chills and body aches as if I had the flu and I  had developed this horrible rash on my face.   This is TOO much info I know, but I said I would tell you guys the gory details so here it is!

AND since it was recommended that I do the COLON cleanse WITH this Walnut Wormwood extract to get the worms out of my body,  I lived in the bathroom for a week.

 Apparently, the colon cleanse supplements I bought works SUPER WELL and makes you horribly crampy – ALL day long?!!   I’m laughing now but it wasn’t funny then lol… Seriously, TMI, I know!


It was recommended that I do this for 2 weeks, but I could only last a week.  Some blogs said that my side effects were from worms dieing and releasing toxins into my body, while some sites said, my symptoms are that of someone being poisoned.  I felt like I was slowly poisoning myself… Whatever the case, I’m not using these products ever again.

 I’m still interested in doing a parasite detox because being healthy is important to me, but this time I’m going to speak to a certified doctor first….

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