How to: French Braid Tuck Your Hair in 5-Minutes | Hairstyles

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How to do a French Braid - braided updo hairstyles

I’m sure you’ve seen a French braid tucked hairstyle before somewhere.   The one where you French braid your hair and then tuck the ends inside of the braid itself.  But what if we tucked it on the top instead?  This is the hairstyle I’m going to show you how to do today! :D :D

  Today’s easy updo should take you no longer than 5 minutes to do and is quite perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  And of course, you can also wear it to work or school too.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the step-by-step, how to French braid your hair into an updo video for beginners. 



French braid updo - everyday school wedding hairstyles



If the video doesn’t play, watch it on my YouTube channel by clicking – How to French Braid Updo .

See you guys next week!  Don’t forget to subscribe for more cute hair tutorials! xx

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How to Curl Your Hair to Make Your Face Thinner | Hairstyles

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face slimming ombre hairstyles - how to curl your hair & make your face thinner

Hi, my loves!  Want to know how to make your face thinner looking with a simple hairstyle?  Hairstyles can contour your face too, did you know that?   I know most of us spend an 1 hour on our makeup,  then do nothing with our hair because we aren’t aware of this fact.  Hair, when it hits the right areas on your face can thin out and slim down your face,  just as well as your contour powders.

In today’s hair tutorial video, I’m going to show you how to curl your hair to get a voluminous hairstyle that’ll make your face thinner by slimming down your jaw line.

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