Spring Flower Braid Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle | Tutorial Video

Today’s flower braid hair tutorial with a half-up, half-down hairstyle was inspired by a Pinterest picture.    Scroll down for the hair tutorial video to learn how to create this romantic, braided hairstyle perfect for spring and summer!

Flower Braid Hair Tutorial Video | cute easy long hairstyles

Flower braid styles are one of the EASIEST braided style that you’ll ever learn how to do.  Although I’m wearing it in a half-updo here for a formal occasion, prom or a wedding, you can very easily incorporate this flower braid to your daily hairstyles.  Why not embellish your boring, everyday ponytail with 1 flower braid on the elastic?


How to do an easy braided half-up hairstyles hair tutorial videos




Romantic Flower Braid Half-Up Half-Down Updo Hairstyles - Prom Wedding Bridal


Wedding Prom hair tutorial half-up hairstyles for medium long hair


Romantic long hairstyles with curls flower braid hair tutorial

How To Create A Flower Braid Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle With Curls


  1. Apply hair power + tease the crown
  2. Spray dry hair wax all over the ends.  Apply this only to the crown hair where you’ll be braiding. ( good for braids).
  3. Split your crown into 3 sections and make 3 ponytails with them.  ( The hair on the sides should be twisted away from your face)
  4. Make regular 3-strand braids with all 3 ponytails and tie it with an elastic band.
  5. Pull out just 1 side of the braids.
  6. Now, one by one, wrap the braid around itself to create a flower braid.  The side you pulled-out should be facing outwards.  Secure with hair pins as you wrap the braid.
  7. Apply ARVAZALLIA Argan oil to prep for curling, it has heat protecting properties.  I used my favorite / holy grail oil here.  (Scroll down for the  discount code) 
  8. Once the flower braids have been made, pull out the sides to enlarge them. Try to line them up in a “rainbow” shape, with the middle flower braid looking the most voluminous.  Lining them straight across with them all looking the same can look boring.
  9. With the rest of your hair, use your favorite curling-iron.  I used a 1 1/2″ curling-wand and pinned them up to cool, since I have hard-to-curl hair.  If you don’t plan on pinning them up, I recommend a 1″ iron instead.



 ARVAZALLIA   Argan Oil   ( Special DISCOUNT CODE for my viewers  | ARGANTLE   | expires May 31  )  I used to have to recommend 5 different hair oils  to people because every hair texture was different.  Not any more.  This oil is hands down the best on the market.  Just go read the reviews.  This is now firmly my holy grail hair oil for every single hair texture.  Perfect for damp or on dry hair because it leaves behind no oily residue! 

QT Performance Curling-Wand 1.5″ ( This has 2 curling technology and is new on the market)

Hair Powder 

SexyHair Dry Wax 


If the video doesn’t play, watch it on my hair tutorial channel by clicking, braid tutorial.

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