How to: Elegant Updo with Curls | Wedding Prom Hairstyles

Today’s elegant updo with curls hair tutorial is one of my oldest how-to videos from 2 years ago.   I can’t believe it’s been 2 YEARS  since I started my YouTube channel!

  Back then, I used to film in my TINY arse NYC bathroom because it was easier to light a small area for videos, just be thankful I didn’t do it in my closet instead .  It did cross my mind haha.

Easy Wedding Prom Hairstyles for medium long hair

 Although this hairstyle continued to be one of my most popular and favorited tutorial on my channel, I had to remove it last October due to the copyrighted music.

But I’ve literally gotten 20+ emails since then from viewers asking me to reupload it.  So for all you beautiful brides, future brides, bridesmaids and teenager’s going to the prom this year, here is how to do an easy, voluminous updo with curls on yourself.

 Please ignore all the zooming in and out and the overall bad image quality of the video.   It’s an old video and I no longer have the original files to fix these issues. <3


How to Easy Updo with Curls Hairstyle - hair tutorial



Written Instructions  || How to Elegant Updo with Curls Hairstyles  ||  Occasions:  Wedding Prom Homecoming ||  For Medium or Long Hair Lengths

Time: 45 Minutes ( with curling)

  1. Smooth out the hair around your face with a blow-dryer and a round brush. < optional step>
  2. Curl your hair with a 1″ curling iron. < 1/2″  for hard to curl hair>
  3. Section out your hair.
  4. Starting from the bottom, make Pin-Curls.  Wrap a thin strand of hair around 2 fingers and secure them with 2 bobby-pins.  Make sure to pin both openings and leaving out some of the ends so it’ll curl naturally is OK too. 
  5. Continue to make pin-curls, strand by strand.  
  6. When you’re done making a row of pin-curls, move up to the next layer and repeat.  <it’s important that you place the pin-curls slightly different from the last curl to prevent it from looking the same>
  7. Once you’ve reached the top of your ears, tease the crown and put it – the front and the back of your crown – into a half-up pony.  With the ends of your half-up pony, make more pin-curls.
  8. For the sides, twist it away from your face and pin it on top of the half-up pony.  Make more pin-curls with the ends.


For this hairstyle, all you’re basically doing is wrapping strands around 2 fingers to create big curls, layer by layer.

  I did have to glance in the mirror every other curl to make sure the curls weren’t all lined up perfectly.  Perfectly lined up curls will look VERY boring – Shirley Temple Updo, George Washington Updo,  see what I mean?

 Not cute, unless you’re a poodle.

 Twist them as you pin them, get artful and be messy.  It’s chic!


If the video doesn’t play, Watch it here – Easy Updo with Curls .

Don’t forget to Subscribe for more cute hair tutorials!  See you guys next week! x Tina

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