Learn how to do this easy hairstyle, Romantic French Braid (also known as a Dutch braid) Wrap-Around Updo.  Great for those hot, humid months in the summer, where just a plain ‘ol Ponytail can get old fast.

How to French Braid updos Guide Bridal hair ideaThe best part of this breezy updo is that, it can also be worn dressy, for bridal parties and weddings by simply weaving in a few sunny and cheerful flowers into the hair.  

My photo: No products were used, and I have lots of layers. :)

Before we start, some helpful tips:
  • Doing this on damp hair will make the look more neat.
  • Applying some soft hair gel or wax to the ends of the  hair before braiding, will help it stand up better in the hottest humidity.
  • Best scenario is to blow dry the hair completely on the roots so that you don’t look like a 7 year old girl, and dampening and waxing/geling the ends right before braiding it.  :)
  • Make sure your hair spray is the soft – matte kind like this, and it is especially important to minimize any flyaways around the face for any fancy occasions like a wedding.   Yes, I meant for brides and bride’s maids updos.   :)
You can watch this on YouTube – which will be posted at the bottom of this page. :)
Hairstyles loose long hair french braiding updo Tutorial
Step 1:

Prep  (gel for damp hair braiding) or  Curl your hair (1/2 inc rod works best) if you’re doing this on dry hair.  If you’re doing this on completely dry hair and want to look neat, apply some hair wax to the ends of your hair.

Step 2: 

Split your hair into 2 sections, making sure to leave out some hair around your bangs.

Step 3:

Clip one side away so that  it doesn’t interfere with the side you’re Dutch or French braiding.

French Braiding hairstyles cute summer 2012 look Asian Hair
 Step 4:

Braid both sides (pigtail braid), making sure that you’re fluffing  the braids so that they don’t look too tight. Tie the ends.

Step 5:

Swing one of the braids to the back of your head and pin it to the lower back, following the shape of your head.

Dutch Braid pigtails updos  wedding look hairstyles
 Step 6:

Secure the other braid to the lower back.

Step 7:

Tuck in the ends of both French Braids so that it doesn’t show.

How to Bride's maids hairstyle Updos French Braid wrap around updo
All done!  Just smooth down fly-aways if you want, or look relaxed and carefree with some pieces sticking out. :)
Howto Hairstyles:  French Braid Wrap-Around Hair - Cute hair style

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xoxo- Tina

Product Recommendation:
Best Hairspray for Updos:  Shaper
Best finishing Oil Serum at the moment – Chi Enviro Smoothing Serum (but hard to find)
Easy Updos for long hair  in 5 mins - sexy look
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