How to Fishtail Braid Easy Hairstyle Tutorial – Sexy Rock Star Fishtail Side Braid Updo

In this week’s easy, step by step, Hairstyle tutorial, I’m going to show you how to Fishtail Braid updo with a Rock and Roll edge on long hair. I’m calling it the sexy Rock Star Fishtail side braid updo.

how to Fishtail Braid updo on long hair - hairstyles and updosScroll down to the bottom of this page to see this Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial on my YouTube Video.  You can also click on the photo’s to enlarge them. :)

As always, doing this on damp hair  or spritzing your hair with a soft hair gel will make it more neat, and if you have a lot of layers in your hair, expect a few hairs to stick out.

How to easy Fishtail french side braid updos - sexy loose victoria secrets waves
Step 1:

 Start off by curling ironing your hair (unless your long to medium hair is already curly or wavy).  I used my Cortext Curling Iron in 1/2 inch rod and made sure that my hair was heat protected by using my favorite hair protectant at the moment – Kendi Oil.

Step 2:

 Split your hair into 3 sections, and pin, clip or tie the sides in place, so that when you start French Fishtail braiding, it doesn’t get in your way.

  • Crown
  • Left  side
  • Right side 
How to do a fishtail braid hairstyle updos on your own hair
Step 3:

 Tease the crown if you like big hair (which I do!) then tie it up, making sure you’re leaving some hair around your face out so it will fall soft and wispy around your face (note my 2nd photo up above).

I like using a small Boar Bristle round brush to tease, they really do work the best for any serious teasing!   Tying or clipping the crown  will make French braiding in Fishtail braid hairstyle on long hair, a lot easier.

loose beachy waves - Fishtail French braid hairstyle updo

In case you don’t know how, here is a quick ” How to Fishtail Braid”:

  • Split your hair into TWO even bundles/sections, not three like a regular braiding.  We’ll call one of the sections “main side” and the other one the “other side
  • Take a small (smaller, the cuter it will come out but it’s more time consuming) piece from the outside of the “main side” and give it to the “other side”. 
  • Then take a small piece from the outside of “the other side” and give to the main side.

(I took big sections instead of small so it will show better on film)

How to make a fishtail braid hair  youtube video tutorial instruction
Step 5:

 Back to our original Hairstyle Tutorial.  Start Fishtail French braiding the middle section, stopping when you reach your ears.  Then, you’ll switch to a regular fishtail braiding instead of French Fishtail. Fluff and loosen the braids after you’re done.

Fishtail French Braid is very similar to the regular French Braiding.  Just grab a very tiny piece that is outside of your 2 big bundles  before you separate a small strand from  your bundle before giving to the other bundle.

Also, hair spraying – Sebastian Shaper –  the braid before running your hands down the braid will easily calm the fly-aways. 

How to do a fishtail braid hairstyles updos wedding hair fish tail
Step 6:

Tie the side hair that’s been clipped away around the French Fishtail Braid.

 Finish with fluffing and back combing the hair that’s sticking out.  :)

easy hairstyles fishtail french braid herringbone braid updo side braid on long hair
Product Used:
Best Hairspray for Updos:  Shaper
Best finishing Oil Serum at the moment – Chi Enviro Smoothing Serum (but hard to find)
How to Fishtail Braid - herringbone -  fishbone braid on long hair
Thanks for reading!!  Don’t forget to Subscribe and see you guys next week for another hair tutorial!!  :)
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