How to Make a Chignon Hairstyle – Bridal Updo with Braid

Here is an easy to follow, step by step, hair tutorial on how you can make a Chignon Bridal Updo Hairstyle.  In this vintage inspired retro updo, we’re going to add a modern twist and youthfulness to this 40s chignon with a side french braid.

How to make a Bridal Chignon Updo Hairstyle I will be using my mannequin here, please note that my doll’s hair is quite thin so you will see patches of baldness on the scalp. Moreover,  since her hair is dark brown / black, and it’s absorbing the light, it will not photograph as well as blonds.

Chignon Hairstyle - Vintage Updo with braid
1) Always start off by curling your hair.  I do on clients but since my doll isn’t going anywhere but the closet, I didn’t bother.

Use a 1/2  inch curling iron or  better yet,  especially for this Chignon updo style, use a hair crimper on the ends if you have it.

step by step to chignon2) Section off your hair.

chignon hairstyling - tease the roots3)  Tease the roots on the crown area.

For this look, since it is a dressier updo , which is great with evening  gowns, weddings and big events, you can tease it WAY high.

hairstyle with braid4) Pin down all the hair below your ears, close to your nape.   You want them firmly secured down so that it doesn’t move.  Feel free to use as many pins here as you want.

roll your hair down in this vintage updo chignon hair style 5) Grab all the hair in the back and create 2 sections, then tease the ends of the  two bundles.

This is why I said a hair crimper would have been better for this Chignon hairstyle, it makes this part easier.  You want to tease all the ends, then smooth down the “under side” using a hairspray and slowly and neatly roll it towards the scalp like an egg roll.  Bobbi pin them to the head.

how to chignon tutorial
6) Do this on both sides.

Roll your hair into a Chignon  updo 7)  Your chignon should look something like this, don’t worry about the pins that are still showing, we’re going to cover that up with the braid.  After you’ve securely pinned them down, you’re going to start french braiding the sides to the back. 

Updo hairstyling with braid chignon, great for weddings and Brides

8)  As you’re  french braiding it to the back of your head, start loosening and fluffing the braids (because it’s more attractive than tight braids).

9)  Pin it to the back and over the bobbie pins that were showing before.  Do this on both sides.

On my doll, I chosed to go with a side part.

Tuck in all the loose hair or curl them into the center.

bridal wedding updo hairstyling

And here is the final look.  I need to stop taking photo’s at night, my pics are all coming out pretty crappy because of the flash ….

My personal holy grail  Hairspray— find other hair tutorials and beauty info on my main site

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