Easy Wedding Hairstyles Updo, How to Chignon Coiffure, Low Sock Bun

Wedding Hairstyles - how to Chignon Bun Updo Hairstyles

The most requested and popular wedding hairstyle updo is the classic, chic Chignon Coiffure bun, so I thought for this week’s hair tutorial, I would show you how you can make a modern side Chignon updo hairstyle bun  (low Sock bun) on long to medium hair at home to wear to any formal occasion without spending a fortune at the hair salon.

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classic chic low side chignon bun for formal occasion - Hair Tutorial Video

Step 1:
As always, doing updo hairstyle is easier on wavy hair, so curl your hair using a 1/2 inch curling iron if you have pin straight, or very slippery, heathy hair (Asian).  I used my trusty Cortex Curling Iron on my own hair. :)

wedding updo hairstyle - chignon mariage guide on long hair
Step 2: (look at the photos below, if you get confused – click to expand. :) )

  • Tie the bottom half of your hair.
  • Hair spray your hair to clean up the flyaways/baby hair.
  • Tease the heck out of the pony tail.
  • Smooth down the top layers with a brush.
  • Gently roll down the hair and pin it to the low nape area.

how to Chignon Coiffure Bun Hair Tutorial sock bun - wedding hair

 Step 3:
Get organized: clip away the wispy hairs you want to leave out of your Chignon updo.

I part my bangs on the right side, so if this is how you part yours, follow this tutorial – if you part it on the left side, do the opposite.

  • Tease the heck out of your Crown area so that there is something for your bobby pins to grab onto.
  • Smooth down the RIGHT side
  • Hair spray
  • Pin it to the back, right above where you made that small Chignon in step 2. 
Low side sock bun for Prom, Bridal Hair - great for bride's maids easy hairstyles

Step 4: 

  • Tease then smooth down the hair on the Crown .
  • Bobby pin the Crown hair to the top of your head.   Pull up and puff up to create volume.
  • Smooth down the Left side
  • Now, grab the Crown Bundle and the Left Bundle and twist these 2 bundles together – twice.  Doing this should have given you some interesting effect to your Chignon Hairstyle Coiffure Updo and should have covered up the bobby pins.
  • Clip the Crown bundle again to the top.
  • Now, pin the Left bundle down.
Easy Hairstyles on long hair, low bun, chic hairstyle, wedding updo, dark Asian Korean hair look

Step 5:

  • Tease the hair hanging down on your Right side
  • Smooth down the top layers, and roll down to create a small Chignon bun – sock bun.
  • Pin it down.
Easy Wedding Hairstyle tutorial, Chignon Coiffure updo, maid's hair, bridal, bride's updo

Do the same for the hair on the Left side.

Step 6:
Hairspray down all the flyaways.
And you’re done, here is your easy, side Chignon bun updo (low sock bun)! :)

fancy formal occasion updo hairstyle Chignon, prom, wedding, engagement, sock bun, messy

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(¯`’★♫♪•♥ HAIR PRODUCTS USED  ♥ •♫♪★’´¯) 

(¯`’★♫♪•♥ MAKEUP USED – what I’m wearing in this video: ♥ •♫♪★’´¯) 
Circle Lens / Color contacts – I’m wearing some green ones by Geo — hmm 3 toned something-something, which I won’t be wearing again .  If you’d like to know the name, comment or send me a message and I’ll find out what it’s called. :)


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