Easy Hairstyles: HOW TO SIDE FISHTAIL BRAID Ponytail! Messy WaterFall Braid on Long Hair

This week’s easy hairstyles tutorial: Learn how to side fishtail braid with a messy waterfall braid effect on medium to long hair.  This is a runway inspired, effortless updo/upstyle – look like a model!

Sick of the same ‘ol boring side braid upstyle that is so common these days, well, here is a unique fishtail braid hair style that can be worn with jeans or your most formal attires.
HOW TO SIDE FISHTAIL BRAID Ponytail hair tutorial
My YouTube Video version of this hair tutorial is at the bottom of this page.

As always, doing this on curly/wavy hair makes managing the hair easier, so curl your hair with an 1 inch curling iron.  I used my 1 inch 4 in 1 Cortex curling iron.

Step 2:
Tease the Crown & Back.  For formal occasion, you want to tease it a lot more to create volume..

Step 3:

  • Before pinning the crown, loosely braid it to create more texture and movement in your hair.
  •  Loosely pin or tie the crown.

make a fishtail braid tutorial youtube video on medium hair - step by stepStep 4:

  • Clip away the soft hairs around your hair
  • Start Fishtail french braiding at the top of your head, start on your heavy side (french braid part is optional, you can just do a fishtail braid if that makes it more comfortable for you.)
  • Stop when you reach your ear, then revert to a regular fishtail braid.
  • Fluff/loosen the braid.
wedding hairstyles brdial hair easy effortless, messy side fishtail braid

Step 5:

Drag all the hair to the side, except the loose hair around your hair line, and make a ponytail hairstyle.

Step 6: (I’m going to assume that you already know how to do the basic fishtail braid(AKA  herringbone, fishbone, TRECCIA SPINA DI PESCE), but if you don’t, I go over it in this fishtail braid hair tutorial here)

easy hairstyles tutorial - waterfall braid on fishtail side braid on long hair

Now we make our funky, unusual waterfall, fishtail braid, but instead of taking 1 small section, we’re going to take 2 small section per side.

  1. One section – give it to the other side
  2. Second section – remove another small section and just drop it/leave it out of your braid, to create a waterfall braid effect.

Tie  the ends, wrap a piece of hair around the rubber band, fluff and loosen the braids and you’re done!  Sexy, effortless waterfall, fishtail braid.

Thank you so much for reading!  Take care~ xoxo-Tina

hairstyles updos - side ponytail with french braid, fishtail herringbone fishbone TRECCIA SPINA DI PESCE

(¯`’★♫♪•♥ HAIR PRODUCTS USED  ♥ •♫♪★’´¯)

wedding hairstyles - chignon - updos, bridal, brides - hairstyles tutorial
Like this formal updo, click below..
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    If no one has ever told you then I will be the one to do it, you are amazing hair stylist! And thank you for the youtube videos on how to style your own hair, they are really helpful. I’ll share them with my friends!

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