In today’s easy hairstyles, step-by-step, video hair tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a six (6) strand braid hairstyle updo on your own hair, for long hair and for medium hair.

Six strand braiding is quite similar to fishtail braid, as all you’re doing is moving the outer strands back and fourth in a basket weaving action.

How to six (6) strand braid hairstyle on your hair tutorial, for long hairYou can wear this ultra chic and different braid  for school, for work, or for a formal occasion like a wedding,  the prom, and the homecoming.

Wrap a string of pearls around this six (6) strand side ponytail braid hairstyle/hairdo to turn it into an instant elegant  wedding hairstyles/updos for bride’s,  bridesmaids, or for the flower girls.

(¯`’★♫♪•♥ HAIR PRODUCTS USED  ♥ •♫♪★’´¯)
Finish Oil – CHI Enviro Smoothing Serum  (hard to find @stores)
Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray

In this DIY tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a six(6) strand braid on myself then on colored bracelet strings to make it easier for you to understand.

★How to Six (6) Strand Braid for Long Hair
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How to do a 6 strand braid DIY on your own hair, step-by-step, easy hair tutorial
easy hairstyles: six (6) strand braiding instruction, hair tutorial for everyday, formal occasion, prom, homecoming for long hair


DIY 6 strand bracelet braid - hair tutorial/guide - cute fat braid look for everyday, formal, wedding hairstyles, updos, easy & quick

Flat six 6 strand braid on DIY colored strings:

how to make a 6 strand braid on colored strings for your hair braid hairdo

Orange over Pink, under Green

DIY colored string for bracelet making tutorial for 6 strand braid hairstyle for long hair

Blue under Purple, over Yellow, under Orange.

easy hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, wedding updos, bridesmaids hair, step-by-step 6 strand braid hairdo
Big voluminous 6 strand braid hairdo tutorial.  Quick, easy and fun look for everyday and formal events
elegant 6 strand braid wedding hairstyles for bridal, bridesmaids, flower girls, formal occasion, prom, homecoming, holiday hair.

Video Hair Tutorial  Transcript:

Hi, everyone.  This is Tina and for today’s

hair tutorial, I’m going to show you how to

make a six (6) strand braid on your hair

so to make this easier, tie up your hair in a side ponytail

and then wrap a strand of hair around the band.

And clip away 1 side

And create 3 small ponytails.

And do the other side, you’ll end up with six (6) small ponytails.

Six (6) strand braiding is actually quite similar to Fishtail Braiding

because we’re just going to split the hair into 2 bundles

and I’m going to name it here, FORWARD side and BACKWARD side.

and strand position 1 through 6.

Only the strands in the first and the sixth position will move..

And when it’s going forward, it’s going to go Forward -Over- and – Under.

And if it’s going Backwards, it’s going Backwards – and Under the strand.

In each hand, you’re going to be holding 3 ponytails.

And then starting from the Forward side

we’re going to move the 1st strand forward, over #2 and under #3.

Backward side, we’re going to move the 6th strand backwards and under the 5th

and over 4, and under 3 to be placed in the Left side, or you can call it Forward side.

I realize how confusing this is for you guys

so I went out and got some colored strings in middle of editing this

so that you can see it better.

I suggest that you watch the string version more often than the hair version of this tutorial.

All you need to remember is that if it’s going forward, it’s going to go Forward, Over

and if it’s going backwards, it’s going Backwards – Under.

because all you’re doing as you’re dragging the strands across to the other side

is going up – down – up – down or

under – up – under – up because it’s like basket weaving.

Take the Orange forward, over the Pink, under Green and take it to the other side.

Take the Blue, and take it under Purple, over Yellow, under Orange and

take it to the other side

You’re back to having 3 strands on each side.

Again, we’re going to take the Pink, take it over Green, under Blue and take it to the other side.

This side now has 4 strands, and this side now has 2.

Again, we’re going to take the Purple, take it back and under Yellow, and then over Orange, under Pink

and take it to the other side.

Again, we’re going to take the Green, take it over Blue, under Purple

and take it to the other side.

And then on backward side, we’re going to take the Yellow back and under Orange.

over Pink, and under Green and place it on the other side.

I won’t be narrating this part because I think that it’s more confusing to hear numbers

being called out, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and

I’ll be glad to help.

Thank you guys for watching as always.

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