Korean Bun Hair Tutorial Video | Upside Down, French Rope Braid Updos

In this step-by-step, hair tutorial video, learn how to make an upside down, French rope braid updo hairstyles.
Upside Down French Rope Braid - Kirean Bun This quick hair tutorial is ideal for medium or long hair.
Good hairspray for updos(¯`’★♫♪•♥ HAIR PRODUCTS USED  ♥ •♫♪★’´¯)
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This braided bun hairstyle was inspired by the popular,  Korean messy bun.
French rope braid hair tutorial video 2013 - quick & easy hairstyles | how to upside down braided bun ponytail updo- big, full, voluminous sock bun for medium long hair
 If an upside down, French rope braid to bun updos aren’t  your thing, then you can always wear it as a  cute and fluffy upside down braided  ponytail with a vintage, retro vibe!
 Wear this as an everyday/casual look or as a  fancy/formal/ party hairstyle this winter holiday.  Great look for spring, summer, and fall!  Wear it for school, for work,  for church, New Year’s party, or for a special,  formal  occasion like the Prom, Homecoming, special wedding/bridal events, graduation party, and etc.
How to upside down braid into bun/chignon updo for short, medium, long hair tutorial. Easy hairstyles for casual, formal, prom, homecoming, wedding
Braided upside down bun updos/coiffure is the perfect wedding hair, party hair, bridal hair,  bridesmaid’s hair, wedding hairstyle, wedding updo, and etc.
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