Easy 4-Strand Braid & 4-Stranded French Braids Hair Tutorial Video

How to four 4 strand French braid tutorial video for short, medium, long hair.  Hairstyles/Updos for Prom, Homecoming, Wedding, Bridal, PartyEasy, step-by-step,  4-strand braid & four stranded French braid hairstyles instructions for beginners, with a hair tutorial video.  (so you can finally do it on your own hair!)
In the first hair tutorial video below, I show you how to make the basic, 4-strand braid/plait with instructions shown on colored strings first, before showing you how to create the 4-strand braid on the hair. 
Make sure you’re familiar with how to do the regular 4-strand braid ponytail before watching the second, 4-strand “French braid” hair tutorial video.
Step-by-Step four 4 strand braid tutorial for short, medium, long hair.  Easy hairstyles for everyday, prom, homecoming, wedding/bridal, school, work
As with all things, you need to know the basics before doing anything more intricate.
In both of these hair tutorials, I used the colored ribbons first, before applying the techniques on my own hair. 

Easiest way to 4 strand braid & French half-up, half-down updos tutorial for long hair | Prom, homecoming, wedding, for school

And for an added bonus,  I’ve included a video of my 6-strand, yes, “SIX” strand instructional video at the bottom of this page in case you wanted a real challenge!  😀


easy romantic hairstyles, 4 strand braided half-up updo with curls for medium long hair.  For school, work, prom, homecoming, wedding, bridal, bridesmaid
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Hair Serum Oil for medium long hair
Best Heat Protectant for Fine Hair Volume

how to get soft, big waves, curls hair tutorial 


 4 strand french braided, half-up, half-down, inverted ponytail updo/hairstyle with curls.
Chic hairstyles, romantic half-up half-down updos for medium long hair. 4 strand braid tutorial video
Here is how you can do the 6-strand braid hairstyle.   Yoga for your fingers! 😀

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  1. Anonymous says

    Would you be able to do a 4 and 5 strand duch braid (reverse braid like the french but back wards) i cant find a good video

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