Never-Ending French Braided Bun Hairstyle | Hair Tutorial Video

In this week’s easy, step-by-step, hair tutorial video, I’m going to show you a cute, sock bun hairstyle with a never-ending French braid for medium or long hair!
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 How to never-ending French braid donut/sock bun tutorial on your own hair (self) -hairstyles/updos
In all honesty, this sock bun, although beautiful, is time consuming to do on yourself.  Therefor, I suggest you go grab your mom, sis, or BFF and make them learn it for you.
 Easy hairstyles/ updos, hair bun, braided sock bun updo style for medium long hair on yourself.  Wedding, Bridesmaid, prom
On the bright side, it is a good work out for your arms.
Braided donut/sock bun updo hairstyle video tutorial for medium long hair.  Wedding, Prom, Bridal hairstyles/updos

This cute and elegant French braided, sock bun hairdo can be worn for a formal occasion – wedding (the perfect bridesmaid hair!), prom, homecoming, but just as easily for an informal, casual, everyday event.

Never-ending braided sock bun is suitable for all hair textures and types, for layered (with layers), thin, thick, coarse, straight, curly, kinky, or wavy hair. . However, the best part of this hair bun/topknot updo is that it’s one of those hairstyles that  it  can be done without heat.Beautiful, creative, braided hairstyles & updo tutorial for everyday, formal, or a party.  For medium long hair. (step-by-step)

Good hairspray for updos(¯`’★♫♪•♥ HAIR PRODUCTS USED  ♥ •♫♪★’´¯)
Hair Serum Oil for medium long hair

I know this particular hair tutorial has confused a lot of people so let me see if I can make things more clear here.

To put it simply, all we’re truly doing in this hair tutorial is making a full circular French braid around the head.   And that’s it.   :)

To do this fancy, never-ending French braided sock bun style on yourself is bit more complicated than doing it on someone else.  The reason being, when you’re doing it on someone else, you can always move your body in front of the person, and have them duck their head down to continue French braiding the hair.  However, you can’t take your arms out of the socket to braid them in front of you when the braid is going around the curve to the side.  Consequently, this is when you have to switch your arm position and do the inside-out French braid, also known as the Dutch braid, so that the braid will look uniform around the sock bun.

Cute creative never-ending French braid sock bun tutorial for school, wedding, brdial, evening, for medium long hair

You only do this when it’s going around the curve of your section or the sock bun on one side of the head.  When the braid is back to being in front of you, you switch your arm position AGAIN, by bringing your arms in front of your face to continue French braiding.

So the steps look something like this for the “how to (easier version) do the self-Never-Ending  braid” tutorial…

When reading this, imagine that you’re doing this braid on a ball, which doesn’t have a flat surface.

  1.  Start French braiding  from your part, when your braid gets close to the left ear, you move your arm position, because here we need to start pulling the braid towards the back of the head, afterwards, continue braiding.
  2. When you get close to right ear, you stop braiding, and tie up your braid with an elastic band.
  3. Start a fresh braid on the right side and finish off this section by braiding it all the way down before tying it up with an elastic band.
  4. Braid the left ponytail all the way to the ends as well.  (you now have two long braids)
  5. Next we make a high ponytail for the sock bun but leave out an 1~2 inch section of hair, around the whole ponytail, to be used for French braiding.
  6. Now before you tie up your high ponytail, combine the two long braids in the back into the ponytail before tying it up.Remove the elastic used in the 2 long braids.
  7. Insert a big sock or a donut in the ponytail and pin it into place.
  8. Spread the hair around the sock and stick a few bobby pins in it (temporarily) to keep the hair in place so that they don’t shift too much while French braiding.
  9. And then just French braid the hair from the sock bun with the hair on the scalp.
  10. To finish off this braid, fold the long piece of the braid and blend it into the existent braid.  Stick the left-over braid inside the donut before securing everything in place.
  11. Fluff the braids around sock bun at the end to make it voluminous, and remove all the bobby pins you used to keep the hair in place for braiding.  Cut off any elastic you used as well if it’s showing.  And you’re done!
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