Voluminous Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial Video | Half-Updo Hairstyles

Party hairstyle - Bardot poofy half-up half down updoIn this week’s, step-by-step, celebrity hair tutorial video, I’m going to show you, how to make the voluminous hairstyles version of the, Brigitte Bardot hair, for medium or long hair.




Brigitte Bardot hairstyles, poofy half-updo hair tutorial video | everyday style, prom wedding.

There will be, of course, plenty of teasing involved.  However, in this Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial video, I’ll go over, how you can “properly” and without (much) damage, tease your hair to create that “big hair” effect with the right products and technique, so that your voluminous hairdo will last you all night and into the next day even!

Everyday hairstyles that you can wear to a wedding, prom, homecoming, party.  Hair | Hair tutorial video

To create her, sex-kitten, bombshell, half-up-half-down updo hairstyle, that you can wear as an everyday look to school or work, and for a formal occasion  – wedding, prom, homecoming, parties, and so on;

first, curl your hair with a curling iron that is at least 2″ wide.  I used the biggest barrel from this curling wand set.

*make sure you do not apply oils until the very end of this Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial*

Just follow along to the video from here on.Voluminous Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial Video

I forgot to add that I brushed out my curls at the end with a boar bristle brush.  This is a step you “should” do, but not required.  It tends to “fluff” curly hairstyles, which will make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

How to pin your hair back | cute easy hairstyles tutorial |everyday wedding promHere is what it looks like with the bangs pinned back.  Towards the end of this Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial,  I go over how to do this and keep this half-up updo hairstyle looking chic as ever!

| Products |

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions – use DISCOUNT code : IRRESISTIBLETINA   ( my color #2 Royal Remy)

2″ Curling Iron

(click to see what I used on my own hair)

  1. Apply this before curling – heat protectant
  2. setting lotion – to make the curls last a lot longer.  You need something like this, if you have hard to curl hair.
  3. dry shampoo – to make your hair matte. We’re using this to remove “shine” in our hair.  I suggest you NOT using it on your ends though.
  4. texturing power / wax power  / powder hairspray
  5. hair-padding (you can use a rolled up sock instead.

Do you have any questions?  Leave me a comment here, or on my video.

If you like poofy, half-up updo hairstyles, have you seen this video?




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