New Cool Braids Hairstyles | Stitch Fishtail Braid Tutorial Video

Stitch Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorail  Video for medium hair long hair | Everyday braided hairstyles

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In today’s hair tutorial video, I’m going to show you how to do a new, cool hairstyles that I’m calling  a “stitch” fishtail braid.

Stitch Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorail 3 New Cool Braids Hairstyles  | Stitch Fishtail Braid Tutorial Video

Ever notice how flat and thin looking a regular fishtail braids are, even when you pull out the sides to make them voluminous?    Not with this new Stitch fishtail braid! 

Get the same chic, scaly braided style while maintaining the thickness of a regular 3-strand braids.

(scroll down to the bottom to see the, 

step-by-step, how to “stitch” fishtail braid tutorial video - or watch it on my YouTube channel)

how to fishtail braid your hair tutorial New Cool Braids Hairstyles  | Stitch Fishtail Braid Tutorial Video 

Stitch fishtail braids look fancier than the normal fishtail braids.  There is an elegance to this hairstyle that makes it quite wearable as a formal updo. 

 Try this elegant braid hairstyle for a wedding, bridal parties, prom, homecoming.

I’m sure this cute braided hairstyle will be popular amongst teenagers.  Messy fishtail braids are always in fashion, and this fancy braided hairstyle will be no exception.  icon smile New Cool Braids Hairstyles  | Stitch Fishtail Braid Tutorial Video

Everyday fishtail braids hairstyles for teenagers New Cool Braids Hairstyles  | Stitch Fishtail Braid Tutorial Video


  • Tie your hair in a side ponytail.
  • Split your ponytail in 2 – as if you’re doing a normal fishtail braid.  We’ll name it Section A & Section B. Take a “thin strand” of hair from the outside of the Section  A, and cross it OVER the Section A, but UNDER the Section B (use your thumb to wrap the hair under the Section B).
  • Create an opening where the thin strand passed under the Section B, and insert 2 fingers through it so you can grab the “thin strand” of hair and pull it through.  This will create a knot.
  • Once it’s been knotted, return the “thin strand” back to the original section.  In this case, it should be placed in Section A again.
  • Repeat on the opposite section.
  • Rinse and repeat all the way down and tie it with an elastic band.

Please note, because this braiding method requires “knotting” this will make your hair slightly shorter than a normal fishtail braid.   You’re giving up “some length for thickness.

Your choice; long, thin as pancakes but cute, fishtail braids, or slightly shorter, but lush and full fishtail braids.



(used for this hair tutorial)

Leave in conditioner  This and the Argan oil made my hair mega soft and shiny!

Argan Oil (used on damp hair)

Play dirty (spray wax)

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