5 Minute Hairstyles | Cute & Easy Low Bun Updo Hair Tutorial Video

Cute and easy, 5 minute hairstyles hair tutorial video. 

  Learn how to make an elegant, everyday low messy bun.  Chignon updo styles, such as this updo, is perfect for those running late days, and can be done on pretty much any hair lengths. 

  Ideally, this hairdo is most suitable for medium or long hair.

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 5 minute hairstyles easy updos hair tutorial for medium long hair | everyday casual low bun



This low bun hairstyle is part 2 of my headband hairstyles hair tutorial video series.


In this second headband hairstyle tutorial,  I go over how to make the low bun hairstyle in 2 different ways:

  1.  for people with very thick, and long hair
  2.  for people with normal, medium hair (few inches past the shoulders).


You should try it both ways because it creates 2 completely different hair bun looks.

 Quick headband hairstyles hair tutorial for medium long hair | everyday prom wedding bridal style

You can even wear it as a simple half-up, half-down, twisted, headband hairstyle.

half-up half-down 5 minute headband hairstyles hair tutorial

All you need is a snug headband of your choice, and a few bobby pins.  The products I list below will help you achieve this look, but it’s not necessary to use.


SexyHair Play Dirty   (dry wax in spray form).  

 Use this on your ends only for this hairstyle.  This product creates piecy texture in your hair, while smoothing down unwanted fly-aways. 

  Don’t spray too much, use sparingly.

sexyhair hairspray

This spray has no hold whatsoever, however, it settles down flyaways. 

Super SOFT, no hold, hold.. know what I mean?

You guys always ask so here is the  Nail polish I’m wearing… lol

If you liked this easy hairstyle,  try out my last week’s, braided headband hairstyle tutorial. 



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Cute Messy Bun | Quick Everyday Updo Hairstyles | Hair Tutorial Videos

Hair tutorial : big, messy bun with braids video | everyday hairstyles & updos for medium long hair

This week’s hair tutorial video, by popular request, is an everyday, braided, big messy bun hairstyles for medium or long hair.  If your hair is short, you will need to incorporate a sock or a donut to make the bun.

I had some trouble showing my braids on top of my hair in this video, as you’ll shortly see, due to how sparse my hair is on the crown.  My hair started thinning out in my early 20s, and I, well, blame my mother…It runs in the family.  Anyhoo, so this is the reasons why I don’t do many, “braided” bangs hairstyles tutorials, although I truly do find them cute and easy to do.
To make this voluminous, braided messy bun, basically, after doing the correct sectioning in the beginning, simply half-Dutch braid – also known as the inside-out French braid, or a lace braid –  all the hair left out of the section, before incorporating the braid with the ponytail to make the messy bun.
Watch how I did it below
Hair Products Used
Apply oil on wet hair to create shine & softness
Matte WaxI always get asked, my nail polish is China Glaze Aquadelic.   It’s one of those, ugly in the bottle but cute on the nails polish.  :D
Makeup Used
Concealer : It Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye (medium color)
Contour : Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Power (holy grail)
Hi-light : Candle Light ( holy grail)
Eyeshadow : NYC 941 Smoky Browns Pallet (I didn’t like it, first time using it)
Inner Corner purple : BH eyeshadow in Hollywood
Lashes : Demi Wisp
Circle Lens – not worn in this video
Hair tutorial video | Easy, 5 min elegant, party updos hairstyles for wedding, prom, homecoming, everyday, school


Last week’s super easy, party updo will take you no longer than 5 mins to do.  I kid you not!
Be sure to click the hair tutorial video below, to watch how I created this, elegant and chic, faux, French fishtail braid bun with just a couple of flips!
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Learn 3 Cute, Everyday Casual Hairstyles Updos | Hair Tutorial Videos

Hi!  All this month, we’re doing school hairstyles & updos!

In this step-by-step, hair tutorial video,

learn how to do a few, quick and easy, back-to-school hairstyles with French & Dutch braids, on yourself.

Free hair tutorial video | Cute school hairstyles & updos with braids, ponytails, & buns for medium long hair

These hair styles are not just for elementary, middle, high school, or even college kids, but for everyone!

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(scroll down for the video)


Perfect messy bun hair tutorial video | school hairstyles & updos for medium long hair
Romantic, messy bun hair tutorial video for medium long hair | School hairdos hairstyles updos, wedding, prom, bridal

The First Hair Tutorial Video

How to make an easy, lace-Dutch braid, high ponytail.  And then into an under-side braided, perfect messy bun.    This hair bun hairstyle looks a lot like a side-ways, upside-down French braid bun.

 Long, poofy ponytails with curls are always youthful and in style.  Be sure to watch the hair tutorial video below to learn how to make this unique updo for school, work, prom, homecoming, wedding, and etc.   

hair spray 
2″ bobby pins 
matte hair wax
hair curled with  1″ curling iron 

Hair tutorial | How to make a perfect braided messy bun for medium long hair | school hairstyles updos
Tutorial | Hair buns with braids for everyday, school, prom, work | Hairstyles Updos
Hair Tutorial | Messy bun with braids for medium long hair | School Hairstyles & Updos
Hair Tutorial | Cute braided, poofy ponytail hairstyles & updos for medium long hair |school, prom, wedding

The Second Hair Tutorial Video

Chubby, Katniss Braid

This messy, side Dutch braid was inspired by Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence)  from The Hunger Games & Catching Fire movie.

Learn how to do a Chubby, Katniss side braid.  

Hair Tutorial | Katniss braid hairstyles & updos for medium long hair for school, prom, wedding
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